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If you are one of the buyers holding off the last few years of housing appreciation, then the news that the Valley housing seems to be immune to Covid-19 is not good. But no worries, today’s low rates are wiping away years of appreciation in the housing market nation wide. THE MARKET DATA YOU READ… Read more

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Arizona had the 5th lowest property taxes in the nation in 2019

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Phoenix remains a Seller’s Market, despite the CoronaVirus. In addition, according to the Cromford Report, the most respected local source, there is no indication the coronavirus pandemic will cause any serious drop in home prices.  Each day we get new information about what’s happening with the CoronaVirus economy, but as of March 31, we have… Read more

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Face Masks, the new normal?

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Including Boomer-Designed features in your remodel will significantly increase your return on investment and also provide you with options to live in the home longer.

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Canadians buy $50 Billion of homes in the US, 20% of which are in Arizona

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