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If you are one of the buyers holding off the last few years of housing appreciation, then the news that the Valley housing seems to be immune to Covid-19 is not good. But no worries, today’s low rates are wiping away years of appreciation in the housing market nation wide. THE MARKET DATA YOU READ… Read more

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Buyers are likely to return in larger numbers to try to capitalize on low interest rates.

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Scottsdale tops the list for job opportunities 2020, according to Wallethub. And for those who have the job security, this may prove to be the best time for first-time homeowners to take advantage of the Pandemic. Chandler and Tempe also ranked some of the highest cities on the list. Read more here. Mortgage rates are… Read more

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COVID-19 devastates housing market and the industry as a whole

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The coronavirus pandemic 10 years ago would have brought the housing market to a halt. Its effects on human life and the economic impacts are being felt by every single individual. It will be interesting to track the COVID-19 effects on the housing market. 2019 ended an amazing decade for residential real estate nationwide. Thanks… Read more

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COVID-19 is causing a build-up of pent up demand that will undoubtedly return with some gusto when travel restrictions are lifted and a level of stability returns.

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Phoenix remains a Seller’s Market, despite the CoronaVirus. In addition, according to the Cromford Report, the most respected local source, there is no indication the coronavirus pandemic will cause any serious drop in home prices.  Each day we get new information about what’s happening with the CoronaVirus economy, but as of March 31, we have… Read more

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Obviously anything can happen in an uncertain and disrupted world, but a fall in home prices is still looking very unlikely from today’s numbers.

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Face Masks, the new normal?

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Sellers Market: Good time to sell if you know it will be necessary within the next couple of years. But if not, sit tight, it will be expensive to replace right now. There are plenty of “newbies” looking to cash into this great market. Speak to your Trusted & TENURED Real Estate Professional.

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