Phoenix offers an attractively low cost of living

March 30th, 2019

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Phoenix’s low cost of living attracts Arizona home buyers. In fact, Metro Phoenix provides one of the most attractive cost of living standards of any metropolitan its size in the nation.  Consider the salary that you would require in other cities to match $40,000 in Phoenix-Scottsdale? $68,818 in Los Angeles!  In fact as an overall comparison, Los Angeles, California is 72% more expensive than Phoenix.

In another example, your $30,000 salary in Phoenix could decrease to $24,206 if you chose to live in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. But look at what you are giving up in lifestyle.

The difference in New York City is hefty since the Cost of Living index in Phoenix is 32.48% lower.

Overall, Arizona’s cost of living is 5% lower than the national average according to (click)

Here are links to find this and more data like it:   Click this link (click)  to find your hometown-equivalent income !   Another place to compare costs of livings between cities is here (click).  Here is yet another cool site (click)!

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